By purchasing this pouch, you get:
The reliability of the design elements.
High quality.
Convenience and functionality in use.
Additional two stores to the total ammunition.
Placing on the thigh, but not directly on the waist belt increases the ease of access to the shops.
The ability to control the size of the feet of coverage by means of double-slit buckle and fasteksy.
The ability to control the vertical position of pouches using duhschelevoy buckle.
No pressure on the thigh muscles by using slings + flat gum.
Due to the use buckle connection strap - pouch, the pouch to attach and remove without the need for unfastening the waist belt.
Pouch hung both on the right and on the left thigh.
The valves are adjustable in length.
Fixing valves pouch with Velcro.

POUCH ak ak47 ak74 AS VAL saiga-12 AUG Vepr DOUBLE BY TWO mag ROUNDS olive

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