Buying M. O. L. L. E. Tactical belt - war belt 2, you get:

  • Reliability of structural elements.

  • High quality.

  • The convenience and functionality. The possibility of self-Assembly belt shoulder straps.

  • Tactical belt is designed for a range of sizes from 83 (when touching the edges of the belt) to 123см (the maximum size of a regular lap belt included in the set). But the most comfortable using, in our opinion, when the size of the waist from 83 to 100 cm.

  • A selection of the final configuration. You yourself, at its option, will complement the Tactical zone under the used weapons.


  • Tactical belt consists of the main part tactical belt size 83cm x 13cm with installed three rows of 20 cells and a MOLLE waist belt with sealing plastic insert. This waist belt adjustable from 80 to 123см.

  • Tactical belt can be successfully combined with most unloading systems and belt-shoulder systems.

  • The belt is sewn slings-cells creates a modular system of removable pouches that are compatible with the system UMTBS (MOLLE, PALS) – three horizontal rows of 20 cells.

  • The inner side is a mesh promotes ventilation overlap the surface of the body.

  • The presence of 4 metal half-rings allows you need to attach a tactical shoulder straps.

  • Inside parts tactical belt features a sealing polymer (izolon, Polyphemus) insert.

  • In the lower part of the main belt detail provided constructive "cracks" for access to the waist belt, allowing you to use together with tactical hip belt gear (holster, tactical thigh platform for pouches vent stores consumed etc.).


This tactical belt gathered some ideas used in other zones. Moreover, in many they are used individually, and then "all included", for example:

  • the presence of a lap belt with plastic insert – in many it is not initially included, or is it sewn on the sling strap, rather than a full waist belt;

  • access to the waist belt to use in conjunction with the hip belt gear – on many zones (especially simplified) this is not possible as such;

  • the presence of half-rings for attaching shoulder straps.

M.o.l.l.e. tactical belt №2 woodland


  • • Tactical belt and the lap belt is individually adjustable in size (length) by 80 cm (minimum size of the tactical belt when setting) to 123sm (the maximum size of the regular lap belt supplied).
    • vnitri lumbar part of the belt there is a system of elements enables you to set the size of their own.
    • Tactical Belt can be successfully combined with the majority of systems and handling All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment.
    • The belt straps sewn-cell creating a modular mounting system of removable pouches that are compatible with UMTBS system (MOLLE, PALS).
    • Fabric "details- plates" with straps reinforced with a double layer of fabric.
    • The inner side is overlapped mesh ventilation promotes the body surface.
    • A 6-metal half-rings allow yourself to attach tactical shoulder straps if necessary.
    • Inside the tactical belt parts are sealing polymeric (izolon, POLIFOAM) inserts with self-replacement or addition of, for example, plastic reinforcing inserts.
    • The lap belt is Sewn plastic insert and buckle with an additional button which excludes unauthorized unfastening belt.
    • The side panels provide structural "gap" to access the waist belt that can be used in conjunction with the hip belt tactical gear (holsters, tactical thigh platform pouches to reset bagged shops, etc.).

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