Buying shoulder straps №2 Chest Rig, you get:
-The reliability of the design elements.
-High quality.
-Convenience and functionality. The ability to distribute the weight of the entire body.
-Size fits all. The shoulder strap adjusts for a large range of sizes, depending on your individual physical data.
-Ability to self-select the use of the shoulder straps in the "X-form" or "n-form".

-They are used to share with M.O.L.L.E. Bibs Chest Rig.
-Made of durable synthetic slings and quality fittings.
-Shoulder straps are part of the unloading equipment of the first echelon.
-The straps are attached to M.O.L.L.E. Bibs Chest Rigpri help fasteksy.
-The horizontal dorsal strap has Velcro patches to accommodate (for example, department name or call sign).
-The design of the shoulder straps allows you to adjust the length of their size on the majority of users.

Included only the strap!

M.o.l.l.e. tactical strap

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