• An additional four grenades to the total load.
  • Placement on the hip, not directly on the waist belt increases the convenience of access to grenades.
  • The ability to control the size of coverage of the legs with double-slotted buckles and fastexp.
  • The possibility of adjusting the position of the pouch vertically with doselevel buckle.
  • No pressure on the muscles of the thigh thanks to the use of slings + flat elastic.
  • Due to the use of buckles connecting belt – pouch, a pouch to attach and remove without the need of unbuttoning your belt.
  • The pouch is placed in the selection both on the right and on the left hip.


  • Fabric: Nylon 600D
  • Plastic fittings: Italy (DUE EMME)
  • Slings: Russia

POUCH ON THE THIGH BY grenade 4 leg

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